WebIQ.ro – Romanian SEO Benchmark

Vladimir recently announced the launch of WebIQ, an SEO/Mkting diagnostic tool any webmaster or website owner should bookmark and use regularly.

Explicit, idiot-proof functionality, I know I’ll share it with my future clients. I expect this to advocate the importance of SEO and Internet marketing with the mainstream business owners building their websites with high-school kids, wondering why it won’t bring them sales.

A great free service from Metromind, again.

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jobber.ro – Romanian Web2.0 IT Job Board

Recently launched, jobber.ro is an excellent initiative from Filip Chereches-Tosa. Clean, simple interface, remarkable logo, offers all the functionality one might need for publishing IT jobs.

Designed for the user, provides an RSS feed and even a widget. Only thing I kinda miss are tags, but, hey, the world can do without folksonomy for a while.

Currently a free service, perhaps a Flickr/Basecamp revenue model?

transaction makes a customer – Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)
“I’d say nearly 80% of our business comes from people who start on free plans and then upgrade to paying plans. The bigger your free userbase, the more likely you are to get people to throw their chips in.”

Filip is already planning for widgets with all major engines. This is a website to stay.

Good luck Filip!

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Crash course in advertising

The sixth format is “benefit causes story.” You conceive the ad back-to-front, by imagining a trail of events that might be caused by the product’s benefit. In the example Gunn uses, a man on a safari screams when a lion charges him. It’s then revealed, to the amusement of the man’s friends (and also the viewer), that he’s been looking through the powerful zoom lens of his Olympus camera. The lion is, in fact, hundreds of yards away.

Excellent walkthrough from slate.com

The 12 Kinds of Ads

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Google SocialStream – a response to Yahoo Mosh

TechCrunch buzz reports both Google and Yahoo are working on a new generation of SNCs.

Socialstream emphasizes improving social connections by making it more efficient to communicate with, share with, and view the social content of all the people in a user’s online social network. Socialstream provides a compelling user experience because it aggregates content across many different networks so a user has a single location to discover new content and communicate. The goal of Socialstream is to present social information in a way that ties it to the person who posted the information, and not the site from which it came.

Here’s a Socialstream Usage Scenario.

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Yahoo soon to drop 360 for Mosh

Hype from TechCrunch says Y! is building up a new SNC that will replace the unsuccessful Y360. Mosh can be accessed only from Y! internal offices.

But the even more interesting fact is that it seems Nokia’s also cooking up a Mosh.

It’s about time they did something social. It will probably depend on their new MobileWebServer, a better, friendlier (only-available-for-s60-3rd-generation) version of Raccoon, the experimental Python port of Apache for mobile devices.

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A proven solution to get 2 million visitors to your website

Dean Hunt will share his success stories with buzz & viral marketing on the fadtastic blog.

Sounds like a real tutorial, not just some tips and tricks. So, stay tuned to A Buzz and Viral Marketing Case Study » fadtastic – a multi-author web design trends journal

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Free Internet Marketing Book

“The Marketing Pilgrim Essays” eBook

A collection of SEO/SEM/SNC essays and older blog posts from the Marketing Pilgrim blog. It was fun to re-read the classic:  5 Ways Jesus Would Promote Himself in the 21st Century

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