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Mihai’s SEO Cheat Sheet

My SEO Cheat Sheet is finished, after undergoing some hundred retouches. Free for download and usage, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Please feedback on any of it’s aspects you can think of.

I tried to keep it short, but I guess it turned into more of a “short manual” or best practice guide. I recommend you print it and use it as a checklist; it’s currently an A4, but shoot me an email and I’ll export a letter also.

Download my Free SEO Cheat Sheet PDF

Creative Commons License

Later edit: I deleted the TOC from this post, as it lead people into thinking “this is it”.

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It may take 3 days to “Buy Now!” online

Interesting study to look into:

Online Shoppers Take a Day and a Half to “Buy Now”

[…] Slightly over one-third (37%) of shoppers took more than 12 hours to make a buy decision. Twenty-six percent took more than three days, with almost five (18%) of these “cautious shoppers” taking one week to decide where to buy.

This reminds me of the info overload effect (I can’t recall the name of the study) that online media produces. Not only will it be hard to pick the right product from the vast variety out there (try looking for the right cellphone), but you will feel the regret of making the wrong choice even before purchasing.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

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Extremely Funny Usability Videos

This is a series of videos depicting user hustle on eCommerce websites, created by

Another brilliant idea they had was to send an email to

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