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SEO for the Semantic Web

The presentation I held at GeekMeet #2 in Cluj Napoca on March 1st 2008. It’s a brief history of SEO from the beginning of the WWW all the way to RDF, Microformats and SPARQL.

Here’s the Romanian version of SEO and the Semantic Web presentation.

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Mihai’s SEO Cheat Sheet

My SEO Cheat Sheet is finished, after undergoing some hundred retouches. Free for download and usage, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Please feedback on any of it’s aspects you can think of.

I tried to keep it short, but I guess it turned into more of a “short manual” or best practice guide. I recommend you print it and use it as a checklist; it’s currently an A4, but shoot me an email and I’ll export a letter also.

Download my Free SEO Cheat Sheet PDF

Creative Commons License

Later edit: I deleted the TOC from this post, as it lead people into thinking “this is it”.

Comments (26) – Romanian SEO Benchmark

Vladimir recently announced the launch of WebIQ, an SEO/Mkting diagnostic tool any webmaster or website owner should bookmark and use regularly.

Explicit, idiot-proof functionality, I know I’ll share it with my future clients. I expect this to advocate the importance of SEO and Internet marketing with the mainstream business owners building their websites with high-school kids, wondering why it won’t bring them sales.

A great free service from Metromind, again.

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Free Internet Marketing Book

“The Marketing Pilgrim Essays” eBook

A collection of SEO/SEM/SNC essays and older blog posts from the Marketing Pilgrim blog. It was fun to re-read the classic:  5 Ways Jesus Would Promote Himself in the 21st Century

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If Your Home Page Could Only Talk

User Experience Web Design and Search Engines: If Your Home Page Could Only Talk
“The product catalog is to the left of that big fat image on the right of the homepage that’s distracting you. Above the two global navigation schemes in the top header is your login area. To register, you need to first give me your phone number so I can call you at 3am and tell you about my specials. I put the search box at the bottom of the page, so you can find things quickly. The sitemap needs to be updated, sorry. We put it there for search engines to crawl and then forgot we had it. Since we’re not sure how you like to find our products, we figured we’d put a link to what we think are the most popular items in the left navigation. Unfortunately there’s an endless need to scroll. We couldn’t decide what you’re favorites are, so we put everything there, just to be safe.”
Excellent article

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Another SEO myth

Kids, make your code W3C valid, nice and clean, or else you won’t rank high!

Remember those? Let’s see what do the big fish have to say:



254 … what is wrong with you people?


See for yourself

So next time you code, follow the leaders, forget the standards.

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Google does evil. Again…

If you've ever managed an AdWords campaign and inevitably became a SEO/SEM/WebMetrics junkie (like me), then I'm sure you bumped into this google "cool feature":

Googlebot indexes AdSense content.

Now, is that stupid, or what?!

I've noticed this as soon as I started off the AdWords campaign for

Less than one week had passed since I opted for Content network and a quick search for "ActiveXLS" returned more than 100k results… Something was really fishy. And, since wherever there's a breach in the system, someone will exploit it, check out this quick case study I did today:

1. googled "ActiveXLS"

2. went to page 11 or smt (but I expect to find them in the first 2 SERPs in a few days)

3. stumbled upon this "organic" result:

4. found my ad on the bogus page (Don't click it! it costs, you know…)

5. got stunned and started writing this post

HOW TO: Get Billions of Pages Indexed in Google –
via: digg

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