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I bring you my newest Romanian startup: VideoGuide – Watch HD Movies of the Major Touristic Attractions in Romania and (soon to come) SE Europe.

I truly believe this initiative will help build the Romanian Touristic Brand our current Ministry is striving to create. Better than inventing jolly songs, we trust that seeing professional shots of the Romanian sights will be much more beneficial.

No beta this time, things work out of the box, dead simple: click & watch. We’ve started off with 2 major cities like Bucharest & Brasov. And we’ll soon add the seaside and other well known sights.

On you’ll find: Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and everything you need to see before travelling to Romania.

Amongst its cool features:

  • HD movies of Brasov & Bucharest wich you can
  • easily embed on your page (sorry I can’t show you, doesn’t allow it)
  • RSS feed with latest locations added
  • visitor comments and impressions for any location

Amongst its cool future features, we’ll add:

  • Social Networking with Google Friend Connect and FaceBook Connect
  • Google Maps navigation and paths
  • youtube & flickr mashup
  • tagging locations

Plenty of stuff needs to be done, until then, grab some popcorn and start watching Romania Video Guide:

Postavarul Mountains

Outside the Walls of the Fortress Brasov

Comments (11) – Romanian Web2.0 Software Directory

I am proud to announce the pre-launch of (soon to be a .ro), Romanian software directory like no other.

Softicator will promote romanian software – be it desktop application, webapp, script, of all categories – from currency converters to ERPs, and under all licensing models – from commercial to open source.

It will be web2.0 all the way, with

  • tags
  • user comments
  • user ratings
  • rss feeds from all over the place
  • free basic service
  • not to mention gradients and an arial rounded logo :)

We plan on doing big things for the Romanian software market, including a secret weapon we’ll launch once we’re all settled. With an initial ad-generated revenue model, we wish to improve our karma and drag out into the light all the geeks writing apps and scripts in their lairs. Oh, and we’ll target corporate people with CRMs also…

I say “we”, since I’m the initiator and co-founder of the project along with a gang of cool geeks you’ll meet on the softicator blog. Till then, keep in touch with our capture tool on

Comments (4) – Romanian SEO Benchmark

Vladimir recently announced the launch of WebIQ, an SEO/Mkting diagnostic tool any webmaster or website owner should bookmark and use regularly.

Explicit, idiot-proof functionality, I know I’ll share it with my future clients. I expect this to advocate the importance of SEO and Internet marketing with the mainstream business owners building their websites with high-school kids, wondering why it won’t bring them sales.

A great free service from Metromind, again.

Comments (3) – Romanian Web2.0 IT Job Board

Recently launched, is an excellent initiative from Filip Chereches-Tosa. Clean, simple interface, remarkable logo, offers all the functionality one might need for publishing IT jobs.

Designed for the user, provides an RSS feed and even a widget. Only thing I kinda miss are tags, but, hey, the world can do without folksonomy for a while.

Currently a free service, perhaps a Flickr/Basecamp revenue model?

transaction makes a customer – Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)
“I’d say nearly 80% of our business comes from people who start on free plans and then upgrade to paying plans. The bigger your free userbase, the more likely you are to get people to throw their chips in.”

Filip is already planning for widgets with all major engines. This is a website to stay.

Good luck Filip!

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A proven solution to get 2 million visitors to your website

Dean Hunt will share his success stories with buzz & viral marketing on the fadtastic blog.

Sounds like a real tutorial, not just some tips and tricks. So, stay tuned to A Buzz and Viral Marketing Case Study » fadtastic – a multi-author web design trends journal

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Most Interesting Web2.0 Startups in Europe

I came across startup 2.0, “a competition of European web 2.0 sites whose objectives are to promote and reward the European startups (either created or willing to do so in the future) that work in the field of 2.0 technologies”via Robin Good.

Search for startups in Romania returned 2 results:

So much for enthusiastic web2.0 entrepreneurs in Romania.

I know for sure I’m going to subscribe to this contest next year, with at least one of my projects (soon-to-come-v2 and some other top-secret webapps).

Any other future participants out there?

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Romanian app at SEOmoz Web2.0 Awards

I am proud to say that Bluo (great CMS from Metromind) got a honorable mention at SEOmoz Web2.0 Awards, under the “Web Development and Design” category.

This is excellent news for all the mISV in Romania. I believe Vladimir is an outstanding entrepreneur and visionary; we should take his work as flagship and proof that it can be done. Big time success can and will be achieved by companies in this country.

Congratulations Vladimir and all Metromind crew!

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