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Crash course in advertising

The sixth format is “benefit causes story.” You conceive the ad back-to-front, by imagining a trail of events that might be caused by the product’s benefit. In the example Gunn uses, a man on a safari screams when a lion charges him. It’s then revealed, to the amusement of the man’s friends (and also the viewer), that he’s been looking through the powerful zoom lens of his Olympus camera. The lion is, in fact, hundreds of yards away.

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The 12 Kinds of Ads

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Extremely Funny Usability Videos

This is a series of videos depicting user hustle on eCommerce websites, created by

Another brilliant idea they had was to send an email to

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RoR vs Java

Yet another viral video

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Office Workout

Ever had rsi, backaches, headaches, eye-sore, drowsiness, nausea, (some say hemroids) from too much pc work? Stretch a little, or work from home

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Speechless: Windows 386 Commercial

I really can’t say much more. And you thought TV commercials were bad…

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Tidy Up!

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