HartaBrasovului.ro – Romanian GMaps Mashup

After announcing softicator yesterday, I am once again proud to present you another Romanian web2.0 startup.

HartaBrasovului.ro is a directory of Google-mapped tourist attractions and companies in Brasov, Romania. (“harta” translates “map”)

A current beta, we promise a great service for anyone who wishes to search a location in Brasov, no matter what their target would be.

Amongst its cool features:

  • Google Maps interaction
  • high-quality map of Brasov (sorry, but the Google ones lack detail)
  • street search in Brasov
  • RSS feed with latest locations added
  • visitor comments and impressions for any location
  • a custom search engine plugin for Firefox (currently alpha)

And future:

  • youtube & flickr mashup
  • tagging locations
  • social bookmarking features
  • map widgets for the take

We currently offer companies who want to get listed a:

  • FREE basic subscription plan,
  • Standard plan including your extra description, logo & contact info,
  • Gold plan wich dedicates a custom subdomain and page with a photo gallery and video presentation.

HartaBrasovului.ro is part of a larger network of websites including Harta-Bucurestiului.ro (sorry for the dash, but the non-dash domain was taken) all of them to be found on HartaFirmelor.ro (translates “map of companies”).

Cosmin and I are working on it and you’ll find out more on our blog. Till then, go explore!


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