WebIQ.ro – Romanian SEO Benchmark

Vladimir recently announced the launch of WebIQ, an SEO/Mkting diagnostic tool any webmaster or website owner should bookmark and use regularly.

Explicit, idiot-proof functionality, I know I’ll share it with my future clients. I expect this to advocate the importance of SEO and Internet marketing with the mainstream business owners building their websites with high-school kids, wondering why it won’t bring them sales.

A great free service from Metromind, again.



  1. […] seo or other related stuff. Many thanks to all of you who provided some feedback: Mihai Dragan, Mihai Gheza, Novo, Ionut, Seopedia comunity , Filip, Bogdan etc. Your observations and your noticed bugs helped […]

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  3. Leigh said

    And it is a targeted viewer or audience, and they’ll use them to find you, and every tip, trick, tool and website to check out some online advertising blogs and forums. As a Boomer, I feel like I need to stay on top of things and making changes as necessary, etc. Personalize your online advertising email visually appealing.

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