– Romanian Web2.0 IT Job Board

Recently launched, is an excellent initiative from Filip Chereches-Tosa. Clean, simple interface, remarkable logo, offers all the functionality one might need for publishing IT jobs.

Designed for the user, provides an RSS feed and even a widget. Only thing I kinda miss are tags, but, hey, the world can do without folksonomy for a while.

Currently a free service, perhaps a Flickr/Basecamp revenue model?

transaction makes a customer – Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)
“I’d say nearly 80% of our business comes from people who start on free plans and then upgrade to paying plans. The bigger your free userbase, the more likely you are to get people to throw their chips in.”

Filip is already planning for widgets with all major engines. This is a website to stay.

Good luck Filip!



  1. Filip said

    Thanks, Mihai!
    By now, a Windows Vista gadget is already available for free download. :)

    re “tags”: maybe, when content becomes hard to find.

    re “business model”: I love 37signals’ business model! Posting job ads will always be free on jobber, but I plan to bring in some nice features for paying companies. One day… :)

    And, by the way, a UI redesign (cleaner and smoother) is on its way!


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  3. pixel said

    Saw this article:
    It seems that Jobber isn’t what they want to be.

    They show a number of posts that isn’t true.
    And also show even the one that expires. Ha.

  4. Mihai said

    What do you mean “it isn’t what they want to be”?
    perhaps the number of posts issue is a bug

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