What goes on in SNCs

I have come across this astonishing study of Fred Stutzman’s regarding Social Networking Communities, Facebook in particular. It contains some interesting demographics and trends within college campus freshmen.

This is one of the most interesting charts, picturing the percentage of personal information students share on Facebook:

The paper is available for download and if interested, take a look at the Facebook Research Summary and watch the Google Tech Talk – Our Lives, Our Facebooks.

I am now pleased to know that it’s been statistically proven: the main usage of SNCs is “to waste time” or “hang around”. However, I guess that the most important property of these communities is that they breach the gaps which offline/normal first-encounters usually create. They no longer feel so frightened to meet new people. Which … may be a good thing.

I couldn’t help it, I had to register; at least there’s no Facebook activity in my campus…


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