I simply have to have it

Jaw-dropping looks, excelent touch screen, yummy aqua icons. I never fell for bluetooth, 3G and mp3 player phones (I still use a Siemens A50), but this, I have to own. I wonder wether it would stand some fall-down-the-steps-drop-it-from-first-floor routine I sometimes do with my phone.

Still, what bothers me most is the lack of dev support.  You can’t run or install other apps on it. When the first hacks will show up, I’ll buy it.



  1. mihai, i appreciate your enthusiasm. will you buy it from the us? or from romania? do you have any idea what will be its price tag here in romania? i understand in the us it’s currently arounc $600. it’s interesting how much people will pay for a product just for it’s new technology (which is great, don’t get me wrong).

  2. Mihai said

    ionut, you’re right about the price, I have just talked to some friends. prices are estimated at 800 euros in germany and 1000 euros in romania. I may be a motivated buyer, but I’m not stupid to pay 1000 euros for a gizmo that will be worth a pocket calculator in 3 years.

  3. there you go, mihai. good to know i’ve come to your senses :)
    that iphone is a nice toy, i’ll give you that. an expensive toy. i currently have a pda and a phone. and i’m really happy with both, i really do not need anything else.

    i suppose you can pay $1000 for iphone if you digg the latest gadgets and you like to post pictures of you and your iphone over the internet. :)

  4. Calin Stan said

    First of all, Mihai, as a response to your logo, I must remind you that you are not a geek so stop posing as one. I understand that it’s fashionable, or probably just a means of belonging to a certain category ( a category consisting of people who share common frustrations ), but my strong personal belief is that you’re just exaggerating. Being a geek implies more than just being smart and the rest of the necessary conditions in order for you to be a geek, most certainly do not add up.
    Considering yourself a geek is a way of facing your own social-integration and lack of self esteem shortcomings. You suffer from neither one. You are smart but you are not a geek.

    Second of all, I couldn’t help noticing that you would consider buying an iphone after its arrival on the market. I sincerely doubt that you are that stupid, taking into consideration its price and the fact that it is practically another “rich people’s toy”. If you buy that expensive toy, I’m afraid I’ll just have to rethink your judgment. A marvel of technology as it may be, it’s just not worth it (I definitely deny the possibility of you buying it just because it’s cool to have one…:) ).Still, there are a lot of ways of spending your money wisely, and take into consideration that it is I who is telling you this.

    If I had that kind of money and spending it on crap would not be an issue, I’d probably get one. Just because “it’s cool” and it would be proof that I am filthy stinking rich. Which would really be a nice picture. But I don’t, so I have to stick to the TV.

    Have a nice day, Neo.

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