Jeremy did not Wow me

I was at Jeremy Wright‘s conference on blogs in Bucharest – Monday 3rd of July. So, I’m a little late to post a review, so what.

Perhaps “Blogging Revolution” was a bit too much for a title. Cut the slack, here’s my bulleted list:

  • what blogging is and is not
  • why blogging is important:
    • email is dead
    • listening
    • real voice
    • market research
    • conversation
  • 5 keys to success:
    • listen first
    • blog with a purpose
    • blog with passion
    • keep listening
    • be “real”
  • listening!
  • strategy!
  • passion!
  • always respond to comments
  • positive experiences turn readers into evangelists
  • negative experiences may do the same (case studies)
  • evangelist ladder:
    • saboteur
    • reluctant
    • customer
    • evangelist
  • unique/multiple voice
  • parables:
    • english cut – level the playground
    • – be aware
    • union square venture – create awareness
  • constantly look yourself up on technorati
  • create resources for your customers
  • numerous types of blogs
  • how to treat negative customers – speak up – contact the person!
  • microsoft blogging policy: “don’t be stupid”
  • top 3 list:
    • traffic
    • interaction
    • trust
  • take the story behind the headline
  • be an expert
  • keep traffic growing
  • watch those stats!
  • measures of
  • google yourself on a daily basis
  • develop the addiction of blogging
  • do it natural, be relaxed!
  • link to MVPs, do top10 lists
  • sprinkle some SEO

Doesn’t make to much sense, does it? Well, this is all that I could decrypt from my handwriting


Get his list at

I wrote:

Hi Jeremy,

We shortly met in Romania at your conference.


I want to ask for the slides, a copy of your free book chapter and everything else you give out for free :) We all love freebies…

My personal opinion is that your presentation was great, you were a little nervous ( I saw your hands shaking ), but everything went ok.

However, I expected some more statistics and case studies. Or advanced walkthroughs instead of beginner tutorials. I loved the marketing research talk, people would kill for numbers; perhaps you might go more in-depth with data mining in your future talks, see how the public reacts. Anyone can read the Analytics Dashboard, few people actually Understand what they mean…

Now, I don’t want to ask for a refund or anything :) I had a great time, but if I were you, I would publish my speech’ table of contents in advance.

Best regards,

Mihai Gheza

Jeremy replied



I just posted everything to that you should need! Good luck in Romania! :D

“Good luck in Romania! :D” ? What does that mean? Jeremy, what does that mean?



  1. That means I see huge potential for Romania as a country, and bloggers specifically, and wanted to wish you all the best as you (individually) and you (as a community) explore that and do some really interesting things.

    Sorry that wasn’t clear, but I’d only just landed and wanted to get a response off quickly. Feel free to email anytime though ;-)

  2. A.C.T. said

    Man, what can it possible mean? The man wishes you a sincere “Good Luck” on the romanian “market”, whatever that is — actually, whatever you choose it to be. I miss the long evenings discussions too.. and yes, you don’t look like a r3tard.

    Good Luck in Romania!


  3. Mihai said

    Jeremy, I knew exactly what you meant.
    I just wanted to check out if you practice what you teach. And it seems you do answer to bloggers.

    You just made me your evangelist :)

  4. I try and answer. Sometimes it’s hard with many of the blogs being in Romanian (and I haven’t yet found an online translator), but I do try :)

    Hope to see you in November Mihai!

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