How to improve your marketing skills

Start reading spam!

Check this out:

Re: Stronger ejaculation

-S’PUR-M is The Newest and The Safest Way of Ph’armacy -100% Natural and No Side E’ffects – in contrast to well-known brands. -Experience three times longer o’rgasms -World Wide shipping within 24 hours
Visit here:

If you would like to be removed, please click:

Click on the link. Their website is a lot better than I would’ve expected. Or how about this one:

Shame of sex? We can change it.

Cialis Soft Tabs is the new impotence treatment drug that everyone is talking about. It has benefits over Viagra and other ED treatment solutions. Here goes some reasons to choose Cialis Soft Tabs:

1. You can mix alcohol drinks with Cialis Soft Tabs without any undesired effects.

2.Cialis Soft Tabs does not make you feel dizzy or make vision blurred, so you can easily drive a car or operate heavy machinery.

3.Cialis soft tabs works much faster than any known ED treatment solution. Cialis Soft Tabs enters the bloodstream directly instead of going through the stomach, thus you need only 15 minutes till you feel the effect. Just look at the graph below If you are interested ?

Just click here and Read more about it AND ALSO Cialis Soft Tabs formula is effective for 95% of the patients. If this treatment is not effective for you, we will refund you for every unopened pack. All you have to do is send them back, and we will immediatley refund your account!

Hadn’t I found them in the junk folder… I might’ve bought :)



  1. Vladimir said

    viagra reloaded. but seriously, do you read your spam?

  2. Mihai said

    yes, I started this some days ago. not all of it, but titles that draw my attention, yes.
    I’m, not saying they are all perfect marketing letters, they could suffer some improvements, but a lot of them are professional.

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