The dark side of Web2.0

The list: tags, RSS, blogs, Ajax… What a hype, what an experience.

Turn the page.

You’ve probably all heard of the Vincent Ferrari case. If not, you’ll find the story at the end of this post.

Short version: regular guy – Vincent – calls AOL to cancel his account, operator – NotSoKind – gives him a hard time, Vincent blogs about this, everybody blogs about this, AOL looks like shit in front of the whole humanity.

Pardon me for spoiling your democratic, freedom-of-speech, enthusiasm, but this is simply WRONG!

Picture yourself in a world where you can’t screw up. Not once! You upset ONE SINGLE customer and that’s it, you’re out of business! Your public image is ruined. If you’re lucky, you might get away with a rebranding.

Blogging is indeed a powerfull tool. But remember that most inventions have been used as a weapon first. This is one scary PR weapon.

No hard feelings, but Vincent is no Mahatma Ghandi. It’s for a right cause, in a non-violent, decent manner, but with a potential catastrophic consequence.

So next time you blog, think again, you may do more damage than you can imagine.

Vincent Ferrari story


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  1. Andrea Raimondi said


    FYI: I’m not american, but I – as many others – had my jaw dropping in reading this story.

    Actually, what makes me think that AOL deserved it is the HUGE flow of comments and the SEVERAL class action lawsuits along the years.

    I mean, Vincent had the presence of spirit of recording it and all the mess came up from the hidden black spot it was in.

    If he can really be held accountable for something, that is having had the right mind to make all this happen – and that’s definitely NOT a bad thing.

    It’s not a one-time screw up here, it’s the *continous* and *willing* rule of thumb that is questioned. Vincent did say he had *already* heard about AOL cancellation’s horror stories and that’s why he taped it in the first place.

    He remained polite ALL THE TIME, but one or two profanities which were – however – more than deserved, in my opinion.



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