Google does evil. Again…

If you've ever managed an AdWords campaign and inevitably became a SEO/SEM/WebMetrics junkie (like me), then I'm sure you bumped into this google "cool feature":

Googlebot indexes AdSense content.

Now, is that stupid, or what?!

I've noticed this as soon as I started off the AdWords campaign for

Less than one week had passed since I opted for Content network and a quick search for "ActiveXLS" returned more than 100k results… Something was really fishy. And, since wherever there's a breach in the system, someone will exploit it, check out this quick case study I did today:

1. googled "ActiveXLS"

2. went to page 11 or smt (but I expect to find them in the first 2 SERPs in a few days)

3. stumbled upon this "organic" result:

4. found my ad on the bogus page (Don't click it! it costs, you know…)

5. got stunned and started writing this post

HOW TO: Get Billions of Pages Indexed in Google –
via: digg


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