I’m popular

While posting on JoS, something interesting struck me:

What if websites are like people?

I mean… nobody really knows how Big Daddy works, right?
Who can tell for sure what makes your rank go sky-high?

I recently read Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point” and it made me think that being popular on the web, is just the same as being popular in high school. Highly ranked websites act like celebrities and portals act like connectors (people with A LOT of phonenubmers in their agenda).

I’ve been mumbling with seo for some months now and if there’s one thing I learned, is that you don’t want to mess with it. If it’s natural, it will work. If it’s people driven, it will work.

Whatever you do, DON’T use automatic submission and other such crap. And please.. don’t name your website like this:


*Don’t click it, the url is real and you’ll make the poor people think you actually want to buy from them.


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