What’s in an employee?

Did it ever occur to you that you are always self employed?

Picture this: you just met someone, he asks you what is it that you do. Suppose you politely answer: I'm a marketing analyst and interface design engineer. So, the persons asks, who do you work for?


ME Inc.

I believe I heard this in one of TP's speeches.

I guess it's time we all agreed upon that. And I quote Brian Tracy:

"If do not have goals for yourself, you are doomed
to spend your entire life fulfilling the goals of
somebody else"

Jay Abraham talks about a wonderful, beautiful thing in on of his manifestos – Strategy's biggest secret – and that amazing thing is vision. And I quote:

"Strategy to me is the overarching, guiding force
that the whole business is constantly moving
through and to. It’s the definition not just of
your business model or your business purpose
but what your purpose is trying to do and why
and what mechanisms it’s trying to do it for
and what it’s supposed to look like at the end."

Just hang on, I'm making a point here:

"And you start with a vision. From an operational
standpoint a vision is the decision you make about
how you want your business to be in the future

I believe that what Jay is trying to tell us, is this: Strategy is vision. And vision is made of goals.

In other other words, a common goal towards which the ENTIRE company is moving.

Isn't this fantastic? 10 people, 100 people, 1000 people all working for the same goals? Doesn't this sound like the ultimate solution?

The reason why I'm pushing this idealistic, somewhat utopic issue, is because I have seen a LOT of people leave their jobs lately. And I never ceased to wonder why.

What was it that drove them to Company X? Was it the money? Was it the environment? Was it that they had laptops and fancy tech all around? Was it they got a free meal?

Or was it the fact that when you reach a certain age, let's say 28, this big "What have I done so far and what am I going to do from now on?" question arises… And the answer seldom seems to show up. And it hurts. Big time. And it drives you crazy. And Company X gives you something that we all subconsciously, desperately seek our entire lives: A sense of security and belonging.

I now believe that people move to other companies because they find hope, purpose and ultimately a vision.

Just think about it. Always, self employed…


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