– See HD Clips of the Touristic Attractions in Romania

I bring you my newest Romanian startup: VideoGuide – Watch HD Movies of the Major Touristic Attractions in Romania and (soon to come) SE Europe.

I truly believe this initiative will help build the Romanian Touristic Brand our current Ministry is striving to create. Better than inventing jolly songs, we trust that seeing professional shots of the Romanian sights will be much more beneficial.

No beta this time, things work out of the box, dead simple: click & watch. We’ve started off with 2 major cities like Bucharest & Brasov. And we’ll soon add the seaside and other well known sights.

On you’ll find: Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and everything you need to see before travelling to Romania.

Amongst its cool features:

  • HD movies of Brasov & Bucharest wich you can
  • easily embed on your page (sorry I can’t show you, doesn’t allow it)
  • RSS feed with latest locations added
  • visitor comments and impressions for any location

Amongst its cool future features, we’ll add:

  • Social Networking with Google Friend Connect and FaceBook Connect
  • Google Maps navigation and paths
  • youtube & flickr mashup
  • tagging locations

Plenty of stuff needs to be done, until then, grab some popcorn and start watching Romania Video Guide:

Postavarul Mountains

Outside the Walls of the Fortress Brasov

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SEO Kung Fu

My presentation from GeekMeet Brasov #1

It was a great experience for me as an organizer, things went a lot better than I expected. Thanks to all the participants and especially to the lovely speakers:

    I hope to see an even greater happening at the second event.

    Also the Romanian version of my presentation.

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    eLiberatica 2008 – The Benefits of Open Source & Free Technologies

    30th – 31st May 2008 (Friday-Saturday), World Trade Center Bucharest, Romania

    Following the huge public success the first edition of eLiberatica gained in 2007, the second edition will continue in the same tradition: to gather community and business leaders around the world to talk about the hottest Open and Free Technologies topics.

    eLiberatica has its unique spirit and identity; you will learn and discover new things, meet international IT personalities, business people, high-tech professionals, you will make new friends, new partners, celebrate and truly enjoy a live event.

    eLiberatica 2008 is intended to focus on these main concepts:

    • Business adoption – how to make/save money and gain profit using Open and Free Technologies;
    • Government, administration and public schools – the importance of Open and Free Technologies;
    • Professional growth participating in the FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) community;
    • Break the code – tips and tricks, things you will not find in IT books.

    High profile keynote speakers from:

    and more… check here.

    For more information you can check website.

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    SEO for the Semantic Web

    The presentation I held at GeekMeet #2 in Cluj Napoca on March 1st 2008. It’s a brief history of SEO from the beginning of the WWW all the way to RDF, Microformats and SPARQL.

    Here’s the Romanian version of SEO and the Semantic Web presentation.

    Comments (10) – Romanian GMaps Mashup

    After announcing softicator yesterday, I am once again proud to present you another Romanian web2.0 startup. is a directory of Google-mapped tourist attractions and companies in Brasov, Romania. (“harta” translates “map”)

    A current beta, we promise a great service for anyone who wishes to search a location in Brasov, no matter what their target would be.

    Amongst its cool features:

    • Google Maps interaction
    • high-quality map of Brasov (sorry, but the Google ones lack detail)
    • street search in Brasov
    • RSS feed with latest locations added
    • visitor comments and impressions for any location
    • a custom search engine plugin for Firefox (currently alpha)

    And future:

    • youtube & flickr mashup
    • tagging locations
    • social bookmarking features
    • map widgets for the take

    We currently offer companies who want to get listed a:

    • FREE basic subscription plan,
    • Standard plan including your extra description, logo & contact info,
    • Gold plan wich dedicates a custom subdomain and page with a photo gallery and video presentation. is part of a larger network of websites including (sorry for the dash, but the non-dash domain was taken) all of them to be found on (translates “map of companies”).

    Cosmin and I are working on it and you’ll find out more on our blog. Till then, go explore!

    Comments (1) – Romanian Web2.0 Software Directory

    I am proud to announce the pre-launch of (soon to be a .ro), Romanian software directory like no other.

    Softicator will promote romanian software – be it desktop application, webapp, script, of all categories – from currency converters to ERPs, and under all licensing models – from commercial to open source.

    It will be web2.0 all the way, with

    • tags
    • user comments
    • user ratings
    • rss feeds from all over the place
    • free basic service
    • not to mention gradients and an arial rounded logo :)

    We plan on doing big things for the Romanian software market, including a secret weapon we’ll launch once we’re all settled. With an initial ad-generated revenue model, we wish to improve our karma and drag out into the light all the geeks writing apps and scripts in their lairs. Oh, and we’ll target corporate people with CRMs also…

    I say “we”, since I’m the initiator and co-founder of the project along with a gang of cool geeks you’ll meet on the softicator blog. Till then, keep in touch with our capture tool on

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    Mihai’s SEO Cheat Sheet

    My SEO Cheat Sheet is finished, after undergoing some hundred retouches. Free for download and usage, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Please feedback on any of it’s aspects you can think of.

    I tried to keep it short, but I guess it turned into more of a “short manual” or best practice guide. I recommend you print it and use it as a checklist; it’s currently an A4, but shoot me an email and I’ll export a letter also.

    Download my Free SEO Cheat Sheet PDF

    Creative Commons License

    Later edit: I deleted the TOC from this post, as it lead people into thinking “this is it”.

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